In order for a student to be considered for any PTA/PTSA Awards, the student must be a member of the High School PTSA.                               
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1.  Why should I become a member of PTSA?

PTSA helps organize parents to make EMHS a better place for your children to learn by addressing the needs of our individual school. PTSA helps us make EMHS safer, and enrich the educational opportunities in our school. PTSA provides a venue for parents to contribute to student success.

Study after study has shown that parent involvement is key to student success in education. PTSA brings resources to parents to help their children in the education process. When you are involved with PTSA, you get to know the teachers better, and you become more familiar with the school and what happens here.

While children cannot vote and do not participate in the legislative process, our PTSA  give your student an opportunity to speak and be heard on the interests of all children and their health, welfare, safety, and education. Whether in Washington DC, New York State, or in our own city government offices – everywhere decisions are made that affect your children, PTSA is there speaking on behalf of your children.
Also, to be considered for any PTA or PTSA scholarships the students must be a paid PTSA member for the 2017-2018 school year.
 2. If one parent joins PTA, why do you ask that the other parent join, too?

As with any advocacy organization, the more members, the louder the political voice. So, while it is not arerquirement that every adult in the family join PTSA, we encourage you to help make the organization as strong an advocate as possible